Welcome to CPSR!

The Coalition on Power Sector Reforms (CPSR) is an independent group of experts, corporate bodies and civil society organizations, monitoring the engineering, procurement, construction, commissioning and consumer service issues in the power sector, in line with the reform agenda of Nigerian government. In particular, the coalition works to promote an understanding of the various ways in which implementing agencies and critical stakeholders can work together to deliver on the objectives of the power sector reforms, without undermining the realization of human rights of citizens to access stable electricity.

The CPSR operates within the scope of the Power Sector Reform Roadmap, the Electric Power Sector Reform (EPSR) Act  and all other governing regulations.

  • Objectives

The objectives of the CPSR are to:

  • Develop strategic alliances between critical stakeholders in the power sector to exchange information, forge alliances, build consensus around possible solutions to complex social and economic issues connected to the power sector reforms.
  • Specifically facilitate and enhance civil society monitoring and engagement in the power sector reform processes, by providing a forum for exchange of ideas and capacity-building among the members of the civil society, while encouraging the involvement of independent experts.
  • To domesticate within the Coalition, a body of knowledge concerning relevant legislations, policies and strategies of government, for the purpose of educating the public and specific target audiences about issues of tariffs, metering, energy consumption/efficiency  and their rights as electricity consumers.
  • Monitor the implementation of the Power Sector Reforms in terms of scope, engineering, procurement, construction and commissioning of all projects in the sector.
  • To examine, monitor, document and report on the linkages between the oil and gas sector reforms and energy (power supply) security.
  • Serve as feedback channel from consumers to the National Electricity Regulatory Commission and other relevant government agencies about issues and concerns encountered in the line of duty, and provide proactive, value-added recommendations to them.
  • Monitor national content development in the entire process in other to mature local expertise and reduce unemployment.
  • Promote, coordinate, and facilitate interaction and knowledge transfer between critical stakeholders  on the practices, procedures, lessons learned, best practices and other pertinent information of common interest to contractors, subcontractors and regulatory agencies. This will be achieved mainly through mechanisms such as workshops, task groups, working groups, written materials, and seminars.
  • CSO Partners/Stakeholders:

CPSR members comprise civil society representatives, independent experts, social and economic advocates with demonstrable background and interest in the activities of the power sector. Membership is free, and open to all individuals, registered groups and organizations that meet the above-mentioned out criteria.

CPSR will initiate and facilitate engagement between state agencies, other civil society organizations and the public with regard to the power availability, access to electricity services and service delivery component of the Power Sector Reforms.

CPSR will work to improve information flow to the public about the policy, legislative and operational developments in the sector, as well as improve communication between the public and the National Electricity Regulatory Commission, with a view to increasing public and civil society confidence in the regulator.

  • Development Partners

CPSR will collaborate with and work closely with local and international development partners to educate stakeholders, independent power producers, and power distributors on funding and collaboration opportunities for alternative and green energy generation and distribution for urban and rural areas in Nigeria.

  • Secretariat/Location

SPACES FOR CHANGE (S4C) serves as the secretariat of the CPSR, and provides the Coalition with the necessary logistical, secretarial and administrative assistance.

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