Bunmi DivineWealth Awoyemi

Bunmi Awoyemi, Ph.D is the current Head of Chambers & Managing Partner of M.O. Awoyemi & Co. He is also the founder and Managing Director of Emerging Capital Markets Consulting Limited. As a political and economic analyst, he has contributed widely to discussions and analysis of political and economic issues affecting the African continent through the electronic, print, social media, and with organizations including the Voice of America.

He was awarded his Bachelor’s degree in Law at the Ogun State University in 1996 and later called to the Nigerian Bar in 1998. He was thereafter awarded his Masters and Doctoral degrees with a specific focus on Admiralty & Maritime Law at Tulane Law School, New Orleans, Louisiana, United States. His 630 page Doctoral dissertation has contributed immensely to legal knowledge in Admiralty, Maritime and Oil Pollution Law. During his studies at the College of Law of England and Wales in 2001, Bunmi undertook additional legal studies focusing on Conveyancing, Financial Services, Professional Conduct and Accounts, and Civil Litigation and Procedure.

His academic career was further enriched during his work as Research Assistant to Professor Jonathan Nash and Professor Wendy Brown Scott at the Tulane Law School, New Orleans, U.S.A. He embarked on extensive research on the laws of all 50 American states to ascertain if Emissions Reduction Credits are property in law, and whether their termination or revocation by a state government amounts to a taking. In addition, he conducted multi-disciplinary research in areas such as civil procedure, constitutional law, internet law, and the law of evidence.

His legal, litigation, and transactional skills were honed further during his career at two of America’s biggest law firms – Baker and McKenzie LLP in Chicago and Holland and Knight LLP in New York City. At Holland & Knight, LLP, he practiced various areas of Admiralty and Maritime law, including Marine Insurance Law, Collision Law, Charter party, Carriage of goods by Sea Law, Maritime Personal Injury & Death Law, Towage Law, Salvage Law, Vessel Documentation Finance & Ship Mortgage Law,and Marine Pollution law. At Baker &Mckenzie, LLP, he practiced Arbitration Law, Commercial Law, Civil procedure Law, Trademark & Patent law, Bankruptcy Law, Secured Transactions Law, Civil rights Law, Environmental Law, Insurance Law, and Copyright Law.

Pamela Braide

Pamela Braide is a development and communications consultant with over 20 years experience working with government at all levels, civil society, private companies and individuals. She started her communications career illustrating health campaign, IEC materials, entertainment promotion ,and moved further to the field of participatory communication methodologies, behavioural change communications, public relations, online engagement and reputation management. Her civil society engagement is largely focused on social service delivery and policy advocacy on issues which intersect with gender, leadership, youth employment, the environment. She is a firm believer in issue-based coalition building, sustenance and awareness creation via online and offline engagement.  She has published papers on participatory engagement of communities in behavioural change.

Victoria Ibezim-Ohaeri

Victoria Ohaeri is a human rights lawyer, development researcher,  freelance writer and community engagement specialist with  extensive experience and practice in law, development and human rights. She is the executive director of Spaces for Change, an non-governmental organization that leverages technology, crowd sourcing concepts and web-based communication tools to promote public awareness, and facilitate citizen engagement in the policy, legislative and institutional processes of the oil, natural resource, security, housing and power sectors in Nigeria.

She is also a policy analyst, specialized in monitoring and analyzing key issues, trends, policies, programs and legislation affecting housing, oil and gas, energy, environmental health, women and children. Environmentally-devastated populations in the Niger Delta; HIV+ persons, slum and evicted communities across the length and breadth of Nigeria have also benefited from her litigation expertise.

She had traveled widely across four continents: Africa, Europe, South America and North America, participating in major field studies and fact-finding missions with UN bodies, government departments, international, regional and national institutions in order to document, monitor and report development-linked human rights violations. She has authored as well as contributed to several local and international human rights publications that unearth massive human rights abuses arising from state and private sector-led development interventions. Ms. Ohaeri is serving on various committees and working groups of national, regional and international bodies and associations.

Peter Igure

Peter is a Canada-based engineer, with a strong background in oil and energy facility management, having worked with an oil multinational company in Port-Harcourt for 14 years.  He was a member of the dedicated and diligent team of Nigerian professionals who managed the upgrade and revamp of Nigeria’s biggest strategic energy asset, the Bonny Oil and Gas Export Terminal delivered in 2008.  The team delivered a 66MW, 3 Gas Turbines Power infrastructure as part of that entire major project.

Jaye Gaskia

Jaye is a civil society activist, scholar, revolutionary and Marxist, who has been active in social transformative struggles in Nigeria over the last two decades. He was once Global Conflict Advisor with ActionAid International, Interim Country Director with Oxfam GB, and Program Manager with Environmental Rights Action [ERA]. He is currently National Convener of the United Action For Democracy [UAD], a political coalition of citizens’ organizations active in the struggle to transform governance in Nigeria. As UAD Convener, he was one of the organizers of the January Occupy Nigeria campaign and a public affairs analyst. He decscribes himself as an organic intellectual of the masses and their struggles. He lives in Abuja, and his married with a daughter.

Ananga Stella Iyimoga

Stella studied film-making at the New York Film Academy and is passionate about films. With a number of shots to her credit, she hopes to inspire change in Nigeria through her movies. Before venturing into film-making, she worked as an administrative officer at the Federal Capital Territory Water Board and served as Project Administrator in a Special World Bank-Assisted Water Project, among others.

Ore Disu

Ore Disu is an urban policy analyst and researcher primarily concerned with uncovering how Africa sees itself in the light of its present urban dynamics and in turn how its cities are viewed within the wider framework of global politics and development. She has a BA in Architecture from the University of Cambridge (2009) and an MSc in Urban Development Planning from University College London (2010), as well as course certification from King’s College London (2011) on Energy and International Relations. She has contributed to the efforts of organizations such as WaterAid UK, the Overseas Development Institute in London, Heinrich Böll Foundation, Nigeria and the African
Centre for Cities at the University of Cape Town.

She shares her insights through a number of articles and essays in journals and web-based magazines. While not producing research work, she continuous to build on her expansive portfolio of fundraising and advocacy work for community projects within and outside Nigeria. She currently helps manage external relations and event planning for
Eirenicon Africa – a forum connecting key actors, observers and stakeholders in debates over contemporary issues in Africa.

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